Cultural Heritage Institutions, Copyright and Cultural Diversity
In recognition of the important role of cultural heritage institutions in making culture available and accessible, Cultivate.4  will address the relationship between copyright law and cultural heritage institutions in the context of  the protection and promotion of cultural diversity. This project will examine how copyright contributes to innovation and creativity in the context of European cultural diversity and in relation to the accessibility of the cultural heritage of Indonesia both in Dutch cultural heritage institutions and in Indonesia.

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is the acronym for HERA project Copyrighting Creativity: Creative values, Cultural Heritage Institutions and Systems of Intellectual Property.
CULTIVATE explores the relationship between creativity, intellectual property law and cultural heritage from a European perspective and against the background of Europe’s multitude of languages, cultures and legal traditions.This three year research collaboration between the universities of Copenhagen, Uppsala, London, Utrecht and Iceland is part of the HERA Joint Research Programme for the theme “Humanities as a Source of Creativity and Innovation”.
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CULTIVATE is hosted by the Saxo Institute of the University of Denmark

Cultivate.4 is hosted by the Centre for Intellectual Property Law (CIER), Utrecht University.